Innovative collaborations

In partnership with governments, local authorities, public utilities, end consumers, international institutions, corporates and other NGOs, Scale develops, promotes and implements innovative, sustainable infrastructure solutions in pursuance of UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

According to the United Nations, the African population is expected to double by 2050, to reach 2.5 billion, while its urban population will triple and exceed 1.5 billion.

To cope with these rapid and major transformations of the African continent, a new approach of urban development seems necessary. The city must become more inclusive, more productive and more resilient, while improving access to vital services such as health, education or security. Designing sustainable city in Africa is therefore a fundamental problem which requires immediate action.

In this context, the You-Tilities project jointly run by the two NGOs THEnet and Scale promotes a large-scale development of local sustainable infrastructure solutions to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. You-Tilities is an innovative solution allowing, when the local utilities are deficient, to provide services of general interest, in particular to the hospitals, services of essential utilities to their operation (energies, waters, waste management) with the best conditions reliability, durability and price. Their staff, in particular the medical and administrative ones, can thus dedicate themselves fully to their missions of health, education and social integration without having to worry about logistics.

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